Capital Equipment (Manufacturer Represented)

Automatic Scoring 
    Steltronic. The leading independent automatic scoring manufacturer. League management. Robust point of sale with restaurant management and tabs. Financial reporting, user level security, time clock and many more features.


Pinsetters Pinspotters

   AMF / Brunswick (Refurbished)
Reconditioned pin-setting equipment is available for new center construction and existing center upgrades.  We are dedicated to supplying the bowling industry with the best reconditioned equipment available at a cost effective price. These pinsetters will deliver reliability and performance which contributes directly to bowler satisfaction!

Masking Units
   Masking units Media Masks offer bigger, bolder and brighter color graphics to meet your masking unit needs! In the ever-changing, highly competitive bowling market, maximum flexibility is everything. The key to masking unit products is it's flexibility! With many new products and enhancements available, it is the key to making your bowling center truly unique.

Synthetic Lanes
  Synthetic lanes have always been a great value. They are a perfect combination of quality, durability and good looks at an affordable price. The most natural looking synthetic lane available with higher quality and more options than ever before!

Bumper / Gutter Systems
   Bumpers / Gutters can be installs in nearly any center. This bumper/gutter system is compatible with most truss, crib, and I-joist foundations systems. You can add automation and interface the bumpers with your Steltronic scoring, allowing the bumper to raise and lower automatically based on the bowler that is currently up!

Furniture & Seating 
 Customer friendly seating is an important aspect in today's highly competitive industry. maximize. Durable, glow-in-the-dark laminate provide years of continuous service. We offer aesthetically pleasing designs.

Lane Conditioning Equipment

   The application of the conditioner in a very precise method directly to the lane surface. The ability to make very small changes to the pattern with simplicity of operation.